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Seunglim Electric Co., Ltd. that has served a leading role in the electric part industrial area in Korea since its establishment in1990 has secured world first class technical power and quality level through unceasing technology development and quality improvement and has come to grow up into a global business representing Korea as a specialized manufacturer in heavy electric equipment manufacturing.

Considering being customer oriented as its first management philosophy, Seunglim Electric Co., Ltd. Promises that it will not be satisfied with the outcomes achieved thus far but approach customers as a world highest level general electric part manufacturer in areas ranging from the development of new cutting-edge materials to the development of environment friendly technology.

Please give unsparing guidance and encouragement to our Seunglim Electric Co., Ltd. that has greeted the 21st century of innovation and creation based on new changes and a challenging spirit, and is growing up in customers' trust and encouragement.

                                                                           Thank you.


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