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Jun. 1990

Establishment of SEUNGLIM Electric

Jun. 1998

Seunglim Electric Co., Ltd. was incorporated

Dec. 1998 Developed the electric contacts for POSCO welding machine
Mar. 1999 Developed frictional welding technology for extra-high voltage electric contacts
Oct. 2000

Acquired ISO 9001 quality standard certification

Mar. 2003 Bucheon City award for Exemplary Taxpayers
Jul. 2003 Acquire the status of a business specialized in part materials and was designated as a promising small & medium export business
Mar. 2004 Moved the factory to Wonmi-dong, Bucheon City
Feb. 2006 Acquired a patent for a switch operator
Jul. 2006 Acquired ISO 14001 environment system standard certification
Aug. 2006 Acquired a patent for a tungsten-copper sintered alloy manufacturing method
Oct. 2006 Was selected as a technical innovation type small & medium business (INNO-BIZ) [Small & Medium Business Administration]
Mar. 2007 Established an affiliated research institute [Korea Industrial Technology Association]
Sep. 2009 Acquired a patent for functional gradient contacts for extra-high voltage circuit breakers
Nov. 2011 Award for Export 100 Million Top [Small & Medium Business Administration]
Apr. 2015 was designated as a Root Industry Specialized Company
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