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(Friction welding)

Electric contacts
Electric contacts that are built in circuit breakers ranging from those for extra-high voltage to those for low voltage are being produced in accordance with characteristics required by customers using technologies unique to Seung Lim Electric Co., Ltd. Including frictional welding, infiltration bonding, brazing, vacuum diffusion bonding, and spot welding.
Friction welding
Materials used for electric contacts are diverse including W-Cu family, W-Ag family, WC-Ag family, Cr-Cu family, Ag-Ni family, Ag-CdO family and Ag-SnO2 family and can be developed and produced as requested by customers.
Materials Use
W-Cu family

Extra-high voltage,
medium - low voltage

W-Ag family Medium - low voltage
WC-A gfamily Medium - low voltage
Cu-Cr family   Medium - high voltage
Ag-N ifamily Medium - low voltage
Ag-CdO family Low voltage
Ag-SnO2 family Low voltage
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