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Heat sinks
Heat Sinks are installed inside packages in order to discharge the heat generated inside memory chips or diode chips to the outside.

Chips can be thermally stabilized and can exert their functions continuously only when the heat generated inside or around the chips is easily discharged.

Therefore, heat proof materials should be harmonized with surrounding materials in thermal characteristics. Heat proof materials are selected based on the calorific values of generated heat and surrounding materials.

Recently, polymer heat proof materials are being developed and Seung Lim Electric Co., Ltd. is also conducting the R&D of these materials in response to the requirement of the times.
Material Density
Heat conductivity
Thermal expansion coefficient(×10-6/K) 비저항
W 19.3 167 4.4 5.5
Mo 10.2 142 5.1 5.75
Al 2.69 238 23.5 2.44
Cu 8.93 392 17 1.7
W-Cu 15.55 ~ 16.90 205 ~ 240 6.6 ~ 8.8 3.5~4.5
Mo-Cu 9.20 ~ 9.60 230 ~ 315 9.2 ~15.0 2.8~3.8
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