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(Radiation shielding)

Radiation shielding materials
Radiation includes many types such as α-rays, β-rays, γ-rays, χ-rays and neutron rays. Since the penetrating power of each type of radiation is known, radiation can be blocked by selecting appropriate thicknesses based on materials.

Recently, tungsten alloys are widely used as an environment friendly material. Since tungsten alloys of higher density have higher radiation absorption factors, shielding materials can be easily produced with small thicknesses.

Recently, flexible tungsten shielding materials added with polyethylene, paraffin, etc. that can be reduced in size and can block neutron rays, γ-rays and χ-rays simultaneously have been developed and are used together with other materials.

Of them, tungsten sheet type shielding materials have excellent radiation shielding performance and thus can be applied as shielding materials for various types of X-ray equipment and they can be attached to the inside or outside of storage containers when they are used.
radiation shielding
Variable type
Diverse including W-Ni-Fe family, W-Ni family, W-Ni-Cu family, W-Mo-Ni-Fe family Density 17.0 ~ 18.0g/㎤

Sheet type
W-resin family
Density 11.0 ~ 12.0g/㎤
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