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Tungsten heavy alloys

tungsten heavy alloys

Tungsten heavy alloys
Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WHA) Having high melting points as well as high specific gravity, tungsten is characterized by good processability. Precise control under the action of external force requires the stability of the object.

A part that is installed for this function for the stability of objects is Balance Weights. Since Balance Weights have the advantage of low volumes in case their specific gravity is higher, alloys containing at least 92% tungsten with high strength and corrosion resistance are required.

The application and development have been actively conducted from long ago in the area of weapon systems. Seung Lim Electric Co., Ltd. already secured process design and manufacturing technologies for heavy alloy materials for weapon systems and is producing the balance weights in accordance with customers' requirements.
tungsten heavy alloys Diverse including W-Ni-Fe family, W-Ni family, W-Ni-Cu family,
Density 18.0 ~ 18.7g/㎤
  Tungsten balance weight
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